Connect, learn, Serve

At Remembrance Community Church, we are just that: a community. If you're new to the congregation or haven't had a chance to get involved, check out these simple ways to get even more plugged in:

Community Groups

small groups

Small Groups are the heartbeat of our church and where deeper connection takes place. RCC is more than just Sunday mornings. Sign up now to get plugged in.



Everyone has a part to play. We'd love to help you find your place to serve. Teams are a great way to connect and participate. Contact us if you're interested in joining a team!


Sunday service

Sunday Service

time + place: 

  • 10 am
  • Eshelman Elementary School
    25902 Eshelman Ave
    Lomita, CA

What will i find at rcc on sundays?

  • A space to feel welcomed + loved—no need to get cleaned up first
  • Freedom to engage with God and his people
  • Biblical teaching + passionate worship
  • A group of people that are like family
  • A worship service that includes music, teaching, communion, and kids' programs


We believe in building relationships before you need them. These ministries exist to help our people cultivate meaningful relationships with one another as we strive to love God and love others more deeply. 



Helping women connect with one another and with Jesus.

Our desire is to help women grow in their understanding of God, his Word, and his call on their lives in a place where it's safe to belong, be known, and be yourself.

What do we do? Bible studies throughout the year, quarterly women's gatherings, and an annual retreat.

Women's Bible Study currently meets every other Thursday beginning September 20 at 7pm in Redondo Beach. You can join anytime. To sign up or get more info contact Stephanie Steward at



equipping men to engage in what matters most.

Men's Ministry isn't event-driven. Instead, we let the relationships drive activity. We hope to spend some meaningful time together throughout the year.

When do we meet? Every Thursday night for Bible study at HQ (6pm), plus a few men's breakfasts and an annual retreat.

To join or get more info about the Thursday night Men's Bible Study, contact Matt Robinson at

IMG_0214 copy.jpg


passionately pointing students to jesus.

We believe wholeheartedly that relationship is the best way to make disciples. RCC Youth Ministry is all about passionately pointing students to Jesus through fun, meaningful relationships and the Word of God.

Youth Group is Tuesdays at 6:30pm at our HQ. For more info or questions, contact our Youth Director, Mike Holland:



pointing kids to Jesus!

At RCC, we love kids! We believe children are a valuable and significant part of our community and so we joyfully invest time and energy into loving and serving them well. Our heart is to create an environment in our Children’s Ministry where parents feel safe, the Gospel is taught & kids love church.

Our CM team is full of passionate, background-checked & trained volunteers who love kids & want to help them learn about Jesus. For more info or questions, contact CM Director Stephanie Holland:


RCC in action

RCC is a neighborhood church. This means we believe we're called to show the love of Jesus to the city of Lomita. We're here to engage people with friendship, service, and the Gospel.



Part of our church life is involvement in the larger mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus, both locally and globally. 

Service Saturday

service saturday

We want to engage our community with friendship, service, and the gospel .

We are giving the first Saturday of the month over to serve God and our community.

There are different ways you can participate each month, from meeting up at Lomita Park, to hands on projects around the community.

Eshelman Elementary

eshelman elementary

We love giving back to the school that hosts our gatherings each week. Throughout the year we're involved in work days and beautification projects on campus.

Everything from painting and landscaping to school supply drives, we are passionate about loving our neighbors well.


reading plan

There are many ways to engage with Scripture and if you have a way that works for you, great! But we have found that sometimes knowing what to read or where to start can be daunting. One of the tools we use to help our people stay engaged in the Word is the One Year Bible. Choose a track & join us as we dig into God's Word. If you're new to the Bible, we recommend starting with the NT. To take a next step, add the OT or the Psalm/Proverbs readings. Doing all three readings will take you through the whole Bible in one year! Don't worry if you miss day. Just jump back in & read today's passage. The One Year Bible Reading Plan is a simple but significant way to stay connected to the Word of God. Purchase your own OYB  or view the plan below. 

Reading Plan



become part of our family.

We hope our membership process helps people capture a sense of belonging and a desire to participate in our community, moving forward together with RCC.